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Aluminium Industry

Motor Industri Type M2BAX Series - ABB

Cast Iron Motor ABB M2 Bax Series is a type of motor gearbox that has a high structural guaranteed through the use of...

Torque Limiters Model ROBA Slip-hub - MAYR

ROBA®-slip hub the load-holding, frictionally-locking safety clutch ROBA® is a trade name which has been the symbol of...

Torque Limiters Model ROBA Smartic - MAYR

The EAS®-smartic® Type 481 transmits the torque from the drive shaft onto a drive element which can be mounted onto the...

Safety Brakes Type ROBA Alphastop - Mayr

The ROBA®-alphastop® is a safety brake, installed between the servo motor and a bell housing (see Figs. 1 and 2). The...

Safety Brakes Type ROBA Stop-M - Mayr

ROBA-stop®-M brakes are spring applied, electromagnetic safety brakes.

Safety Brake Model ROBA Stop S - Mayr

ROBA-stop®-S have two functions. During standard operation they work as holding brakes. When the drives have been...

Safety Brakes Model ROBA Stop Silenzio - MAYR

The ROBA-stop®-silenzio® is available as a single circuit brake or as a dual circuit brake. On the dual circuit brake,...

Safety Brakes Type Roba Stop Z - Mayr

As a holding brake for EMERGENCY STOP braking actions (Number of braking actions according to diagram below) – in...

Safety Brake ROBA model Topstop Duta - Mayr

ROBA-stop® brakes by mayr® prevent inadvertent dropping or crashing of vertical axes.

Coupling Smartflex Series - Mayr

- Excellent misalignment capability (compensation of shaft misalignments) - Minimum mass moment of inertia - High...

Coupling ROBA-ES Series - Mayr

- Vibration Damping - Damping Behaviour can be selected through elastomeric elements in different shore hardnesses -...

Coupling ROBA-DX Series - Mayr

- Misalignment Capability - Backlash-free Torque Transmission - Low Inertia

Alliance Gear Concrete Vibrator Motor Type AF-T Series

Vibrator Motor Type AF-T, Concrete Vibrator Series, General Application in Batching Plants and Other Concrete Plants.

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